The Alberta Party released an alternative budget on March 17th. It is equal parts ideology and false advertising.

The Alberta Party claims to do politics differently and to be a moderate party, but their 2017 alt budget reveals the lie in those marketing lines.

The Alberta Party would cut billions from government spending, but claim to care about front line services. This is the same false claim that the Wildrose make. Never mind the fact that Alberta has the second leanest public sector in Canada compared to the size of our provincial economy.

The Alberta Party would make the carbon tax revenue-neutral, reducing government revenue and all to give corporations a tax break. This is also the Wildrose position on the carbon tax.

The Alberta Party would also reduce the number of families who are eligible for a carbon tax rebate from 60% of families to the lowest earning 33% of families. Sorry middle-class families, no rebate for you.

The Alberta Party claims that cutting billions in government revenue will result in a net gain in government revenue. Cut revenue to gain revenue, eh? That’s the same right-wing ideological argument that the Wildrose makes.

Neither the Alberta Party nor Wildrose seem to realize there is a truckload of research reports on how corporate tax cuts produce a small number of jobs compared to spending money on essential services like health care and maintaining and growing our public infrastructure.

The Alberta Party seem to think the government of Alberta just isn’t looking for cost savings and if civil servants simply look for “efficiencies” they’d magically find billions in wasteful spending. Geez, why didn’t someone else think of that? Oh yeah, Wildrose have been championing that fantasy for years.

The opposition parties, including the Alberta Party, recently made a big stink about Children’s Services. Like the other right-wing parties, the Alberta Party’s faux caring for Children’s Services ends when it comes to actually properly funding the ministry.

The Alberta Party’s cuts wouldn’t stop at Children’s Services. They’d freeze the Status of Women budget (that’s a 12-14% cut over 4 years). They’d also make cuts to Community and Social Services, Seniors and Housing, Service Alberta, Indigenous Relations, Labour, Health, and Environment and Parks. But, hey, the Alberta Party totally cares about front line services and social compassion.

The Alberta Party would even make cuts to the Ministry of Energy — that should go over real well.

The Alberta Party claims to care about employment, but their proposal of at least a 7% cut to government spending over 3 years will result in thousands of more unemployed workers. Their idea of increasing spending to match population growth but to not account for inflation is the same as the Wildrose proposal.

The Alberta Party say they would freeze public sector wages. The thing is the SFL case at the Supreme Court means collective bargaining is a fundamental right in Canada. When right-wing politicians claim they are going to freeze public sector wages they are just throwing red meat to their base. These claims are more a bargaining tactic than something governments can just legislate.

The Alberta Party, not all that different from other right-wing parties.

The Alberta Party alt budget: