The Wildrose love criticizing other parties, but don’t want to be criticized themselves.

Tuesday morning the Wildrose told the media they won’t be releasing an alternative budget because alt budgets get criticized.

A couple hours later they released their 2017 pre-budget recommendations document that criticizes the NDP and PCs.

Their budgets recs are more ideology than reality.

The Wildrose want to make massive cuts to public services like health care and education, but they also claim to care about protecting front line services.

The Wildrose say they can bring major new capital investments to the oil patch, but they want to repeal the carbon tax and the emissions cap that the largest oil sands producers support because the two measures got two pipelines approved. (CNRL and Suncor are the two largest Alberta oil producers by volume and they support the carbon tax and the emissions cap.)

The Wildrose claim to care about employment in Alberta, but they want a few years of slash and burn budgets that would make Ralph Klein blush and will result in thousands of more unemployed workers.

The Wildrose want to “(scrap) wasteful and redundant programs”, but don’t name said programs.

The Wildrose seem to think there’s billions of dollars of wasteful government spending and the NDP are simply protecting union jobs for ideological reasons. The Wildrose assuming that governments are by definition wasteful is actually an ideological belief.

Alberta spends less on government operations relative to the size of our economy than any other province (except Ontario by a smidgen this year), but hey let’s not let facts get in the way of a media stunt.

The Wildrose want to cut billions in government revenue by repealing all of the NDP’s revenue reforms and the Wildrose believe this will increase government revenue and grow the provincial economy. Cut revenue to grow revenue?

The Wildrose really, really want to cut “red tape.” What regulations they’ll scrap remains a mystery, but apparently cutting them will save the province $294M.

The Wildrose, we’d tell you the specifics of what we’re talking about, but then we’d have to kill you.